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Xian is an internationally famed tourist destination and also one of the most developed cities in western China which delivers high level taste in cinema, play, fine arts, literature and other fields. One of the great delights of Xian is the way in which our ancient culture blends with the new in order to give the visitor a memorable experience of life in the city. Another option is an entertaining visit to the local Qin Opera or Tang Dynasty Show. Read the information on the entertainment in Xian on this page and start your joy-seeking trip!

General Information
Xian Entertainment Guide
Here is the list for some of well-known clubs, KTV and Cafes in Xian in an alphabetical order for your reference.
Nightlife in Xian from Virtual Tourist
Reviews and photos of Xian bars and nightclubs posted by real travelers and Xian locals.
The Amusement in Xian
Xian, as an international tourist city, should equip with various kinds of places of entertainment that provide for the tourists both domestic and abroad naturally.
Xian Nightlife
Write your own Xian entertainment and nightlife reviews.
Xian Nightlife – What to Do at Night in Xian
Xian’s nightlife is vibrant enough to satisfy a whole range of taste and tempos and offers a fine example of how the site of an ancient civilization can blend well with new culture.
Xian Entertainment Information
offered by justchina.com
Xian Nightlife Guide
by synotrip.com
Nightlife at Formmers
As well as the cultural entertainment options listed, Xian also has a fairly lively nightlife scene.
Nightlife of Xian
One of the great delights of Xian is the way in which our ancient culture blends with the new in order to give the visitor a memorable experience of life in the city both as it was long ago and as it is today.
Nightlife and Entertainment in Xian
Xian nightlife and entertainment information
Xian Nightlife
The night life in Xian has a unique glamour.

Shows and Performances
Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show
The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is one of the most attractive entertainments for tourists to Xian.
Musical Fountain Show
The musical fountain in Xian is regarded as the "largest musical fountain square in Asia".
Xian Water screen Movie
Following three-D and Cinema, Water-Screen Movie is the most one that making people fancy and fresh in the screenland.
Daily Performances Inside the Bell Tower
Inside the Bell tower, there is a performing stage with various types of bells and other musical instruments on display.
Qinqiang Performance
A traditional drama in Shaanxi-Qinqiang performance.

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Theatres and Cinemas
Cinemas in Xian
Watching movies is a popular form of amusement among the people of Xian.
Bell Tower Cinema
Bell tower cinema is situated at the East Xinhua Bookstore.
Heping Cinema Photo
Heping Cinema photo on Flickr
Shaanxi Grand Opera House
Shaanxi Grand Opera House welcomes all the guests from both China and abroad ,enjoy the charm of this cxyuisite cultural show in the style of the prosperous Tang Dynasty.
Xian Dihao Theatre
Xian Dihao Theatre is situated at the Trade Building of East Street of Xian.
Theaters and Concerts
by the official website of xian tourism
Xian Nightclub Picture
offered by travelblog.org
Xian Shadow Play Museum
The official website of Xian Shadow Play Museum in Chinese.
Shanxi Song and Dance Troupe
General information about Song and Dance Troupe
Hongguang Cinema
Located at foot of the city wall, Hong Guang Cinema one of the largest cinemas in Xian.

Bars and Cafes
Xian Bars and Pubs
Here is the list for some of well-known bars in Xian in an alphabetical order for your reference.
Xian Bars, Lounges & Café’s
by China success stories
Bars and Cafes in Xian
Xian Bars and cafes information
Groups and Clubs in Xian
Check out what's going on in Xian's clubs and groups.
Famous Bars in Xian
Several famous bars in Xian
Defu Xiang Bar Street
Defu Xiang, Xian’s most prominent nightlife district, is a rather dull collection of bars and coffee shops, each with their own touts at the door howling for your business.
Xian 1 + 1 Bar
1 + 1 Bar tips and photos posted by real travelers and Xian locals.
Havana bar
This fancy bar is located in the Sofitel Hotel and has a very luxuriously looking interior.
Bar Life of Xian
offered by a tour operator
Xian, Cafes and Teahouses
by synotrip
King garden
When you enter this old Chinese villa, you feel like entering a ferry tale.
Xian Bars
Xian bars information offered by real travelers
Xian Clubs
Didis, Xian Diwang Club, Xian Longdu Disc Club, Shaanxi Royal Nightclub, One Plus One, etc.
Gz Groovz Jazz Club
Usually this jazz club has a live band playing every evening from 8:00pm – 9:30pm.

Kid Friendly Places
Xian History Museum
Shaanxi History Museum was constructed from 1983. It was opened to the public on 20 June 1991.
Xian Botanical Garden
general information of Xian Botanical Garden
Xian Qinling Wildlife Park
Covering an area of 329 acres and located 28 km from the historical city Xian, Xian Qinling Wildlife Park is the first wildlife zoo in northwest China.
Xian Amusement Parks
offered by asiarooms
Qujiang Ocean World
Qujiang Ocean World is a good place for kids.
Kids on Xian City Wall
a photo of Kids playing on the Xian City Wall offered by travelpod
Xian Warnings or Dangers for Chindren
Xian travel tips posted by real travelers and Xian locals for children.
Children’s Activities in Xian
Xian offers many attractions and activities that are suitable for families travelling with children and some opportunities for the young ones to try out their creative talents.

Sports and Recreation
Sport & Recreation in Xian
There are a large number of sport places around Xian.
Xian Yajian International Golf Club
Xian Yajian International Golf Club is situated at the foot of the beautiful Zhongnan Mountain, 40 minutes from downtown.
Xian International Golf Club
Xian international Golf Club is located in the North Suburb Agriculture Development Zone, which is right nearby the Weiyang Lake and the Wei River.
Xian Fitness
some fitness centers of Xian
Health & Leisure
The Golden Flower Hotel, Xian contains the city's finest Fitness Centre, a 500 square metre luxury sports and health club with an up-to-date range of exercise and health equipment.
Xian Activities
In Xian, you can walk through the Muslim quarter sampling food and buying souvenirs, or bike the City Walls
Foot Massage in Xian
Foot massage reviews by travelers in Xian.

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