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Xian has been rich in the delicious food of Shaanxi snacks, there are many varieties of famous snacks of fashionable foreign delicacies with uniqueness. People who visit Xian must be surprised by the numerous historical sites and interesting places, as well as being left with a deep impression of the food of the city. Xian offers more than its local Xian cuisine. You can find almost all the cuisines here coming from other parts of China or foreign countries. Read some descriptions and reviews of local restaurants around Xian before you start to look for the yummy food you like.

General Information
Xian Cuisine
Xian has a long history in culinary culture and has developed a unique cuisine with two culinary styles-the traditional and the modern.
Xian Dining
With the development of thousands of years, Xian snack collects the distillate of other area's cuisine and inherits the craft of royal court of past dynasties.
Xian Food
Some other Xian snacks and special dishes include: Sour Soup Dumplings and Guantang Steamed Baozi.
Eating in Xian
People visiting Xian must be surprised by the numerous historical sites and interesting places, as well as being left with a deep impression of the food of the city.
Xian Restaurants Tips
Brief intro, addresses, descriptions, and reviews of local restaurants around Xian. VirtualTourist.com.
Xian Famous Food Review
Real people, real review.
Xian Restaurants Frommers.com
Frommer's Highly Recommended restaurants in Xian.
Read Xian Restaurant Reviews
by traveler reviews, recommendations, and candid photos for Xian restaurants at TripAdvisor.
Xian Muslim Food Street
Xian Muslim food street reviews by real travelers.
Xian Food Guide
Xian, one of Chinese age-old cities, is not alone acclaimed for its age-old ability and breathtaking spots, it is as well acclaimed for its affluent aliment and cooler industry.
Xian Famous Food Menu
The listings of Xian famous food, including cold noodles, burgers, soups, hand-pulled noodles, etc.
Shaanxi China Food
Pictures of Shaanxi food and restaurants.

Beef or Mutton Pao Mo
Yang Rou Pao Mo
Yang Rou Pao Mo is a local dish that is enjoyed throughout Shaanxi Province but is a particularly popular in Xian City as a traditional nourishing meal.
Xian Specialty
Yangrou Paomo is a tasty Xian specialty that consists of a mutton soup served with wheat flour flat bread.
The Making Procession of Yang Rou Pao Mo
This website aims to teach you how to make the Yang Rou Pao Mo.
Yang Rou Pao Mo for the Soul
Yang rou pao mo is a traditional Muslim dish, usually eaten for breakfast or lunch. It is filling and gives workers plenty of energy for the day's work.
Yang Rou Pao Mo Picture
A picture Xian Yang Rou Pao Mo on flickr.
Steps to Cook Yangrou Paomo by Yourself
Here is the introduction of this east cuisine with its step by step recipes.
Beef or Mutton Paomo
Beef or Mutton Paomo is the most special and popular food in Xian.

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Xian Snacks
Xian Local Snacks
One of the most important things in Xian is to taste Xian local snacks.
Xian Snacks
Xian diet culture is rich in the Northwest flavor; it is indeed one of a major enjoyable in tasting Xian local snacks.
Top 10 Famous Xian Snacks
The most popular snacks in Xian.
Muslim Snack Street
Muslim Snack Street is located near Drum Tower in Muslim Square.
Snacks in Xian
Local specialties in Xian absorbs and integrates various styles and flavors giving you endless tastes and boundless recalling.
Intro to Meals and Snacks in Xian
Foods and drinks in Xian are as plentiful as its historical sites, which have induced uncountable travelers to lick their lips.
Rou Jia Mo
Rou jia mo, sometimes spelled roujiamo, meaning "meat, folding, momo; meat folded by momo, meat fold momo, etc." is a street food widely consumed in China, especially in the province of Shaanxi.
Xian Liang Pi
Liang pi or Liangpi is a noodle-like Chinese dish made from wheat or rice flour. It is a specialty dish originating from the Chinese Province of Shaanxi.
Guantang Baozi
Guantang Baozi is a kind of the small-sized steamed stuffed buns which contains stuffs and the hot gravy together.
Qianxian Guo Kui
Guo Kui, a well-known snack in Qianxian County, is thick in the middle and thin on the verge with designs of the wheel on the surface.
Hulutou (intestines in Broth) is a local delicacy in Xian. Its raw materials are intestines.
Saozi Noodles
Talking about Xian snacks, I will introduce another kind of noodles – Saozi to you.
Cold Noodles
Cold noodles are a local dish in Southern Shaanxi and Central Shaanxi.
Fire-crystal persimmon in Lintong
The fire-crystal persimmons grown in Lintong District looks as red as fire and as clear as crystal, hence the name Fire-crystal Persimmons.
Steamed Pork Ribs with Sticky Rice
Steamed pork ribs with sticky rice (fen zheng rou), is one of the local snacks in Xian.
Buckwheat Noodles
Buckwheat noodles are made through pressing the buckwheat flour through the special device with holes.
Huanggui Persimmon Pancakes
The Persimmon Pancakes are a speciality in Xian which made of Lintong fire-crystal persimmons, wheat flour, osmanthus sauce, rose petals, walnuts and sugar.
Jujube Cake
by hotdishes.com
Biang Biang Noodles
Biáng biáng noodles are a type of noodle popular in China's Shaanxi province.

Regional Cuisines in Xian
Shaanxi Cuisine
Shaanxi cuisine is represented by Guanzhong, south Shaanxi and north Shaanxi cuisine styles.
Top Ten Dishes in Legend in Xian
Xian is a cradle land for Chinese culture and cuisine, so Xian food is very famous all over China.
Bottle Gourd Chicken
It is a famous traditional dish of Shaanxi Province, with a golden red color, crisp skin, tender meat, a strong smell and a mellow taste.
The Tong’s Cured Mutton
Nianzhipi Tong Family’s Cured Mutton Store is an age-old Muslim food store with a history of more than 200 years.
Gourd-shaped Chicken
The history, making method, characters and nutritive value of the gourd-shaped chicken in Chinese.
Steamed Pork Ribs with Sticky Rice
The making method of Steamed Pork Ribs with Sticky Rice (fen zheng rou)

Xian Cuisine Restaurants
Xian Restaurants from Virtual Tourist
Reviews and photos of Xian restaurants posted by real travelers and locals. The best tips for Xian dining.
Famous Restaurants Listings
by the official website of Xian Tourism
Xian Restaurants Guide
Offered by IgoUgo
Jiasan Guantang Baozi Restaurant
When you are in Xian, it should not be missed to taste the Jia Brothers' Guan Tang Bao in the Moslem Street.
May First Hotel Xian
The May First Hotel in Xian, built in 1946, is a business and foreign tourist hotel, famous in China and overseas.
Xiangyue Lou Restaurant
Xiangyue Lou Restaurant serves all kinds of delicious porridge.
West Capital International Hotel
Xian Governmental Guest House, the predecessor of West Capital International Hotel, was founded in April of 1989.
Grand Hong Kong Abalone and Sharkfin Restaurant
The official website of Grand Hong Kong Abalone and Sharkfin Restaurant
Lao Sun JIa Restaurant
The original restaurant, opened in 1898, is still the best place to sample Xian's most celebrated dish, yangrou paomo.
Xiaobei Ke Restaurant
Xiaobei Ke Restaurant provides genuine Sichuan hot and spicy food.
Changning Palace Villa
Changning Palace Villa, which is located at Chang’an District, integrates dining, entertainment, tourism and accommodation.
Fanji Lazhirou Restaurant
Fanji Lazhirou is a fantastic place to sample some of the city's best snacks and known for their liangpi.
Qin Yu Rou Jia Mo Restaurant
To enjoy the famous local food Rou Jia Mo in Xi'an, Qin Yu will be your best choice.
Chang'an Quan Ju De Roast Duck Restaurant
Chang'an Quan Ju De Roast Duck Restaurant takes Beijing Ming Stove roast duck and duck dishes as the dominant product.

Foreign Food Restaurants
Exotic Western Style Food Restaurant in Xian
By a tour operator
Xian Pizza Hut Restaurant
There are at least 9 Pizza Hut Restaurants in Xian.
St. Louis Portugal Restaurant
A typical Portugal restaurant with pretty good Portugal dishes and goose liver.
Xian KFC Restaurant
KFC is popular among China. There are at least 30 KFC restaurants in Xian.

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