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Xian 5-Star Hotels
Shangri-la Hotel, Xian
The Shangri-La Hotel, Xian is located in the new central business district of Xian, a 40-minute drive from the international airport, making it an ideal location for business travelers.
Hyatt Regency Xian
The Hyatt Regency hotel is located in a remarkable setting within Xian's ancient city walls and is close to the business and shopping districts and convenient to popular landmarks.
Sheraton Xian Hotel
Address: No.262 Feng Hao East Road, Xian, 710077
Empark Grand Hotel Shanxi
The Empark Grand Hotel is a business hotel located in Xian's east economic development area and is within easy reach of Xingqing Park and the Terracotta Warriors.
Grand Park Xian
The ANA Grand Castle Hotel, Xian is a deluxe 5-star hotel located in front of the famed South Gate of the Ming Dynasty.
Paradise Resort Xian
Xian Paradise Resort is a new garden-style 5-star hotel located closely to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda.
Kempinski Hotel Xian
Kempinski Hotel Xian is located in the Northeast of Xian within the new Chanba Ecological District.
Grand Mercure Xian on Renmin Square
Grand Mercure Xian on Renmin Square is located in the business center of Old Xian City, close to the Province Government, only 1 kilometer to the Bell Tower.
Jinshi International Hotel
The Jinshi International Hotel is located in the middle of the Chang’an and Wild Goose Pagoda Road’s overpass in the South Second Ring Road, next to the northern crossing of Cuihua Road.
Sofitel Xian On Renmin Square Hotel
The Sofitel Xian On Renmin Square Hotel Xian is located near many major attractions, which offers easy access to the Bell Tower, the Drum Tower, the Terracotta Museum, and the Great Mosque.
New World Hotel Xian
New World Hotel Xian is a recently renovated 5-star hotel located in the heart of Xian city. Guests are welcome to absorb the local culture with the Xian ancient city wall, Islamic Mosque, and the market nearby.

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Xian 4-Star Hotels
Xian Dynasty Hotel
Xian Dynasty Hotel is located alongside the west Xian city wall.
Bell Tower Hotel Xian

The Bell Tower Hotel Xian is located right in the heart of the city, opposite the well known Bell Tower and the newly-built Bell & Drum Tower Square.
Xian Garden Hotel
The Garden Hotel is about 7kms from the city center in a very nature-like setting with beautiful pavilions, towers, and a small lake.
Quest International Hotel
Quest International Hotel located at the starting point of the Silk Road, a busy part of the city, is sponsored by the People's Government of Jiangsu Province.
Xian Hotel
The Xian Hotel is a modern tourist hotel, situated right outside the city's South Gate, close to the famous Small Wild Goose Pagoda.
Xian Tangcheng Hotel
Situated in the cultural district in the city, the Xian Tangcheng hotel is a 4-star tourist hotel.
Xian Sunda Gentleman International Hotel
Xian Sunda Gentleman International Hotel is located 200m east of Yuxiang gate on Lianhu Road.
Aurum International Hotel, Xian
Located in the golden zone of Xian, opposite Shaanxi Provincial Government, Aurum International Hotel is a national standard 4-star hotel with complete facilities.
Tang Paradise Hotel, Xian
Tang Paradise Hotel, affiliated with Tang Paradise, is located in the south of Xian city.
Xian Orient Hotel
The Orient Hotel is located in the cultural district of Xian. It is about 6 km from the city centre. 10 km from the railway station. 70 km from the airport.
Xian International Conference Center Qujiang Hotel
The Xian International Conference Center is located near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the QuJiang Tourism Holiday Development district, covering approx 130,000 square meters.
Tian Yu Gloria Plaza Hotel Xian
Tian Yu Gloria Plaza Hotel Xian is a member of Gloria Plaza Hotel Group, located in several of China's gateway cities.
Ziction Liberal Hotel Xian
Ziction Liberal Hotel Xian is a business hotel located in the central area of the Hi-Tech Development Zone of Xian with easy access to the airport.
Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel
The hotel is located in the famous Qujiang core scenery area, adjacent to Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Tang Paradise.
Mercure Xian on Renmin Square
Located in the grounds of Renmin Square, in the heart of the commercial and government district, the hotel is minutes away from the major shopping centers and cultural sites and is an ideal choice for all travelers.
Atravis Executive Hotel Xian
Atravis Executive Hotel, Xian, opened by Atravis Hospitality Management Co. Ltd., is a 4-star standard hotel.
Xian Fukai Hotel
The Fukai Hotel is a four star hotel located in the city center, near the Xincheng Square.
Shaanxi Gaosu Shenzhou Hotel
The Shaanxi Gaosu Shenzhou Hotel is four-star modern commercial hotel near the Xian ancient city wall with convenience communication and elegant environment.

Xian 3-Star Hotels
Xian City Hotel
The Xian City Hotel is located right in the heart of Xian, only a stones throw away from the famous Bell Tower.
Fortune Hotel Xian
Fortune Hotel is located in the downtown, there is the Bell Tower, the Drum Tower, the Beilin Museum, and the Xian Old Wall around it.
Xian Jiefang Road
The Xian Jiefang Hotel located at the Xian Railway Station. It is a modern tourist hotel and a trading center as well.
Sino Pearl Hotel Xian
The Xian Sino Pearl Hotel is a 3-star hotel built according to International Holiday Inn Group's management and design. The convenient location, near the city wall, offers ideal access to tourist attractions.
Xian Longhai Hotel
The Xian Longhai Hotel is located in the northeast of this ancient city.
Xian Hanguangmen Hotel
Hanguangmen Hotel Xian is a three-star comm.
Xian Fenghe Youth Hostel
The Fenghe Youth Hostel is to the northwest of the old city wall. It is only about 15-minutes' driving to the railway station.
Xian Network Hotel
Network Hotel is located on South Taibai Road. It is operated by professional managers. Guests here receive the best services.
Shangxi Wende Business Hotel, Xian
Shangxi Wende Business Hotel is located in the bustling commercial center on Jiefang Road, south of Xian Railway Station and Xian Coach Station.
Hanguang Joy Hotel Xian
The hotel is located in the ancient city of Xian, with convenient traffic and shops around.
Xian Walker Boutique Hotel
Xian Walker Boutique Hotel is located on the Zhuque Street of Xian's Xiaozhai business district.
Tianlong Commercial Hotel, Xian
Tianlong Commerical Hotel is located in the prestigious central business district of Nan-Er-Huan Highway, Taoyuan Road, and Gaoxin Road.
Bell & Drum Tower Hotel Xian
Xian Bell and Drum Tower Hotel is a three star hotel and located in the center of Xian city.
Xian Ancient Street International Youth Hostel
It has Qing Dynasty courtyard dwelling, quiet and peaceful environment which is Living in the city center.

Xian Budget Hotels
Xian Silk Road Hotel
Located in downtown Xian, the Silkroad Hotel is the premier address for both business and leisure travelers.
JinJiang Inn-Xian Jianguomen
JinJiang Inn-Xian Jianguomen is located at the southeast corner of Ming City Wall, 5km away from the train station and 3km away from downtown.
Shaanxi Nan Fang Hotel - Anban Street Inn, Xian
Shaanxi Nan Fang Hotel - Anban Street Inn is conveniently located in the prosperous part of the city.
Xian Wentang Hotel
Wentang Hotel lies in the prosperous Xiaozhai commercial area of Xian. The commercial culture combines with venerable culture.
Qin Feng Hotel Xian
Qin Feng Hotel, located in the Economy Development Zone of Xian, was built according to three-star standards.
Crystal Business Hotel, Xian
Crystal Business Hotel is situated at the southeast corner of Duanlv Gate --the golden area of the Chinese ancient capital city Xian.
Xian Bell Tower Youth Hostel
The Bell Tower hostel is aptly named, as it has an amazing view of the old Ming-style Bell Tower towering over the chaotic streets below.
Xian Shu Yuan Youth Hostel
The Xian Shu Yuan Youth Hostel is located in the center of Xian, facing the old South gate.
Lu Dao Youth Hostel, Xian
Lu Dao Youth Hostel, Xian is located on No.80 west 8th street inside the city walls of Xian, it is situated only 200 meters from the train station.
Xian Haojie 99 - Lianhu Hotel
Xian Haojie 99 - Lianhou Hotel is located on Lianhu Road, in Xian city center, opposite Lianhu Park.
7 Sages Hostel Xian
7 Sage International Youth Hotel is the most tranquil place you can find in the clamorous city.
Xian Xiangzimen Youth Hostel
Xiangzimen truly is a home-away-from-home, with unique features such as red lanterns, carved stone benches, and giant vessels filled with vibrant fish adding to the character of the place.

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