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Today there are shops and stores scattered in every corner of Xian. Xian has several famous shopping centers including many department stores and supermarkets, centered mainly along Ding Dajie, Nnadajie and Jiefanglu. They provide various kinds of goods that tourists in Xian prefer to buy. Xian is also a great place to do some fantastic Chinese souvenir shopping, especially for cultural items and antiques, which are generally cheaper and more varied than any other cities. For those shoppers reluctant to bargain, big shopping malls and departments are nice choices. Read some shopping excursion reviews and shopping tips before you are brave enough to deal with the smart vendors in Xian!

General Information
Xian Shopping Guide
Xian Shopping guide offered by xianjoy.com
Where to Shop in Xian
some of the best shopping places are listed in this website
Xian Shopping
Where to shop and what to buy in Xian
Xian Shopping Information
There are many big shopping centers, department stores and supermarkets in and around Xian, centered mainly along Dong Dajie, Nan Djie and Jiefang Lu.
Xian shopping Offered by a Tour Operator
main shopping malls of Xian, main supermarkets, commercial streets of Xian and souvenirs markets
Xian Famous Shops and Stores
Xian is a famous tourism city in China and has been the largest commercial and trading center in northwestern China.
Xian Shopping Overview
Go shopping in Xian with recommendations, reviews, tips and photos posted by real travelers and locals.
Souvenir Shopping Centres in Xian
by a tour operator
Xian, Shopping
Shopping guide of Xian
Xian Shopping Streets Guide
There are several shopping streets in Xian City.
Places to Shop in Xian
Xian is dotted with many interesting places to shop and shopping opportunities in Xian is always fun and exciting.
Main shopping center
Enjoy your life in Xian, China.

Muslim Street
Xian: Islamic Street
One of the interesting things we discovered about Xian was that it actually has a fairly large Islamic community.
Muslim Quarters, Xian
Muslim Quarters tips and photos posted by real travelers and Xian locals.
Muslim Food Street (Huimin Jie) Reviews
by travbuddy.com

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Department Stores, Malls and Markets
Xian Famous Shops and Stores
Xian is a famous tourism city in China and has been the largest commercial and trading center in northwestern China.
Century Ginwa Shopping Mall
Located between the ancient Bell tower and Drum tower, Century Ginwa Shopping Mall is a high quality, exclusive shopping center.
The Friendship Store
The Friendship Store is east of the Bell Tower, on Nanxin Street just north of the intersection with East Street, selling souvenirs to tourists.
Antique Markets Xian
by xian joy
East Avenue
East Avenue is taken as one of the busiest commercial areas in Xian.

Souvenir and Arts and Crafts Shops
Souvenir Shopping Centers in Xian
Xian souvenir shopping centers offered by a tour operator
Souvenirs Markets in Xian
This home of Chinese terracotta warriors is often remembered by thousand tourists visiting their city by the souvenirs they purchase in Xian markets like Shu Yuanmen art street, Xian Antique Market, and Wenbaozhai Tour Shopping Center.
Green Porcelain
Green Porcelain is method of making porcelain which originated in the Song Dynasty.
Folk Paintings
Huxian folk paintings are created by peasants living in Huxian, which is a small city just outside of Xian City in the Shaanxi province.
The Petit-point Work
The Petit-point Work, also called silk-gauze-stitched embroidery, is an age-old needle-work that is popular among the people.
Imitations of the Qin Terra-cotta Figures
The terra-cotta figures show a surprisingly high level in craftsmanship and sculpture, and are now hailed as “the eighth wonder of the world”.
Lacquer Ware
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Painted Clay Figurines of Fengxiang
The making of painted clay figurines is a type of folk handicraft in Fengxiang County of Shaanxi Province.
Huxian Peasant Paintings
The artistic style originated from the local people’s rural life. Persons, plants, animals and birds are common subject matters of these paintings.

Xian Supermarkets
Xian Supermarkets
Xian Supermarkets are best place to do shopping. All most all wishes in our shopping list can be found in these modern state of the art centers.

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