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Xian is regarded as an important communications hub for the western and the eastern parts of China as well as one of the most popular tourist cities. Xian has already developed a modern transportation network incorporating road, rail, and air travel. Xian has a dense highway system, expanding to the other parts of Shaanxi Province as well as the nearby cities. What’s more, with the full use of the Xian Express Loop Highway in 2000, these peripheral highways are connected to the urban area of Xian City effectively. Xian Subway is still under construction and will be put on work soon.

General Information
Xian Transportation
Located at the geographical center of China, Xian is regarded as an important communications hub for the western and the eastern parts of China.
Getting Around Xian
For the casual tourist, Xian city seems smaller than it really is.
Xian Transportation
more Xian transportation information offered by a travel agency.
Xian Transportation - Xian Car, Train, Bus and Taxi Advice
from virtualtourist.com
Transportation in Xian
Xian Transportation information
Air China
Air China official site.
Xian Transportation
Xian is situated in the very heart of China's transportation network.
Learning Your Chinese Highway Codes
by Louisa Lim.
Getting to Xian
Xian can be reached via different alternatives like Train, Bus and Air.
Getting to Xian from Beijing
a forum Xian transportation
Xian Travel: Getting to/Leaving Xian
You can get to or leave Xian by air, by train, by bus or by Taxi.
Xian Transportation
Xian lies in the central part of China and for quite a long time it has been treated as the key political and cultural junction that connected together the east and west.

Xian Flight
Xian Xianyang International Airport
Covering 5 square kilometres, Xian Xianyang International Airport is the largest airport in China's northwest.
Flight Schedule between Beijing and Xian
offered by the official website of Xian tourism
Xianyang International Airport Transportation
Xian airport shuttle bus route and timetable, and transportation between airport and city.
Flights form London to Xian
Search and compare cheap flights from London to Xian.
Flights from Xian to Shanghai
Here you will find travel information with regard to Flights from Xian to Shanghai.
Xian Flight
Search Flight Times & Compare Rates - Save Money from tripadvisor.com.
Xian Airport Information
the official website of Xian Xianyang International Airport in Chinese
Xian Airport Photo
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Beijing Tour, Beijing Travel, China Tour
Beijing based China tour operator providing Beijing Tours and China Tours as well per your request!        

Xian Train
Train Schedule between Beijing and Xian
Xian has the largest train station in central China to the Northwest part of China.
Xian Railway Station
Xian Railway Station is one of the 10 top train stations in China, the most important hub connecting the Northwest and Southwest China.
Xian Railway Station photo
A photo of Xian Rail
Train, Xian
Train tips and advice posted by real travelers and Xian locals.
From Beijing to Xian By Train
Articles written by the real travelers.
Xian Train Station
Trains depart from Xian for every corner of China.
Train Schedules & Fares Between Beijing and Xian
Beijing Xian train schedules and fares for ticket booking

Xian Long-Distance Bus
Bus & Coach
There are three long distance bus stations in Xian and buses run to central China area and beyond.
Xian Bus Timetable
A Xian bus timetable of Xian Bus Station in Chinese.
Xian Bus
Touring Xian by bus is quite an experience of rubbing shoulder with locals as well as an economic way of travel.

Xian Public Bus
Local Bus to Xian Terracotta Warriors
offered by tripadvisor

Xian Taxi
Xian Taxi
Xian Taxi Fares, Tips and Phone
Taxis, Xian
Taxis tips and photos posted by real travelers and Xian locals.
Xian Taxis & Time
offered by lonely planet
Xian Taxi Safety
Topics on Xian taxi safety by real travelers.
Xian Taxi Information
offered by a Beijing tour operator
Taxi to Terracotta Soldiers
by tripadvisor
Xian Car Rental with Driver
With a car rental in Xian, explore Xian at your own pace!

Xian Bicycle
Bicycle, Xian
Bicycle tips and advice posted by real travelers and Xian locals.
Xian Bike Rental
The city of Xian within the city wall is walkable. So hiring a bike to tour the city is a very good way of visiting Xian. Many hotels in Xian offer
Riding Xian's Wall
a travel blog by a real traveler on November 15, 2009

Xian Metro
Xian Metro
The Xian Metro, is a metro system currently under construction to serve the city of Xian.
Xian Metro
The official website of Xian Metro
Xian Subway News
Construction will start today on Xian's first subway line amid public concern about possible damage to the ancient city's cultural heritage.
Xian Subway
Line 2 of the Xian subway is currently under construction and is expected to open for business in 2010.
Xian Metro Information
Xian metro line 1 to 6 information offered by a Beijing tour operator.

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